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About Chef Sherry




Whole Food & Scratch Cooking

European & Asian Cuisines

Healthy Cooking

Hello! I'm Sherry Swanson, chef and owner of A Culinary Experience (ACE). I started ACE because I love food, cooking and teaching.


In 2019, I competed and won Connecticut's first Elite Chef. I was honored and excited to compete with so many talented chefs from all over Connecticut. 

Check out Chef Sherry on Elite Chef


I started my professional life as a graphic designer but my love of food and wine led me to Denver, Colorado where I learned traditional French and Italian cooking techniques and studied wine at Cook Street School of Culinary Arts. Next I studied in Europe at the Italian Culinary Institute for Foreigners in Asti, Italy and the Hotelellerie & Spa Bernard in Provence, France. Europe is where my love of locally sourced, seasonal ingredients began. What grows together, goes together.


I have more than ten years experience cooking in restaurant kitchens, catering special events, private chef work and teaching cooking classes. ​I specializing in farm fresh cuisine and wine and food pairings. 

Click here to see my current CV.

Training and Certifications

ServSafe Certified

TIPS Certified

TIPS Trainer Certified

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